Native American symbols & designs represent specific ideas or cultural expressions. "The Hand", represents the presence of man, his work, his achievements & his history. A handprint had supernatural importance. The left hand is considered more sacred than the food hand. Thus the Hand Sacred symbol was placed on objects that had a more religious or spiritual meaning.

Hand Sacred - Spirited Productions was founded in 2002 by Ray Bettinelli. Hand Sacred's philosophy is simple, create works that are both spiritually and emotionally significant and produce entertaining content that is both family friendly and commercially viable.

Our creative team of writers, producers, directors and editors are all talented in their own right. From pre-production and initial storylines to the final cut, Hand Scared brings together the perfect mix of innovative professionals and artistic visionaries to all of our productions.

By striking the proper balance of story telling with creative imagery, a production by Hand Sacred is both moving as well as visually appealing.

The "Art" Of War
"Supernanny To The Newlyweds!"
Playing In The Park

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